Tip of the Day – 10/10/2011


I stumbled upon a forum post where one aquarium keeper was having trouble keeping a particular fish. This individual had tried to keep his favorite fish species at least five different times, each time ending with the same result…the fish refusing to eat after a couple of weeks and eventually dying. The story from this hobbyist got me thinking, how many times should a hobbyist try at one particular species before giving up and moving on? Is two unsuccessful tries at a fish the stopping point? How about three? How do hobbyists factor in a specimen that shipped poorly and could never recover? We’re positive price plays a key role in such a string of fish purchases, but what if the fish was affordable or the price wasn’t a factor?

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  • MTWiley

    I know they’re freshwater, but we went through about 25 Electric Blue Rams before we finally gave up. My girlfriends loves their personality and she’s always a good sport about my fishtanks so when she wanted to set one up for blue rams I couldn’t say no, but I made sure it was done right cycling the tank, weekly water changes w/ treated tap for the first couple, then thought maybe it was a problem with our water, started using only ro for initial fill+ weekly changes, vacuuming gravel, and anything and everything else you could possibly imagine. To this day I still have no idea what was killing them all, but we got my girlfriend electric blue jack dempsey instead and they’ve bred in the same conditions that killed the electrics blue rams.

  • Six2sevenproductions

    I think after a second attempt you should stop and re-think what is going on. There must be a reason and people should figure it out what it is before buying another fish and throwing him in blindly. There are many factors in fish death and most are people related.