Ginormous Acan Bowerbanki Shows Up at Living Reef Orlando


Living Reef Orlando Huge Bowerbanki

We don’t often encounter large corals in the aquarium hobby anymore, as the landscape is dominated with an unlimited number of frags and small colonies. So, you could understand our excitement when we happened across this massive, mega-colony from Living Reef Orlando. Recently shown off on Reef2Reef, this Acanthastrea bowerbanki is beyond impressive. Besides it’s amazing color, which is a vibrant mix of green and red with a hint of yellow, the coral is just huge. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the image to reference the corals size. Sure, there are some frag disks in the background, but these could be regular old plugs or those giant disks.

Massive Acan Bowerbanki

Thankfully, the good folks at Living Reef Orlando whipped out the old tape measure and gave us that much needed sense of scale. According to them, the massive bowerbanki measures an estimated 16″ x 14″, making it probably one of the largest Acans we’ve even come across.

It is reported that the coral either sold or has a retail price of $3700.


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