The Neptune Systems MXM Mobius Wireless Control Module Releases Across the US


The guys over at Neptune Systems has been working on the MXM Mobius Wireless Module for some time now and the release date across the US was June 14th. We got our hands on the first batch of these about 2 weeks ago and we plan to install it this week.

So why add the MXM Module to your Apex controller platform? Well for starters, it allows you to control all of your Apex, Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination equipment from a single app. which also means you can include feed modes and other automation options by adding the MXM module to your Apex system. The MXM also allows you to do things like start a feeding cycle for your fish and corals, have your Apex set your Vortech power heads to a light pulse setting, activate feed intensity for your Vectra return pump, turn off your skimmer, and activate your AFS (Auto Feeder) – all with the push of a single button or at a scheduled time.

Water Change or Service Mode

By pressing a button your Vectra will turn off, your Radion lights will go a bit more white to be able to see more clearly in your aquarium, and Vortech wavemaker pumps will turn off.

Photography Mode

To capture your successes with your fish and corals, simply click a button on your Apex to decrease or stop the flow with your Vortech and Versa pumps. Makes taking top down photos or through the glass photos more easily with on demand control. It will also easily activate radiant color mode on your Radion lights to showcase the colors of your corals.

Protect Your Aquarium

Not only can you configure easy routines with your equipment, but you can also help protect your aquarium by configuring your devices to take special actions.

Temperature Monitoring

If your aquarium gets too warm, especially on hot days, you can automatically lower the intensity of your lighting to help reduce the water temperature.

ORP Monitoring

ORP can fall for several reasons, but sometimes it is due to not enough water turnover or flow.  When this happens, it’s a great idea to activate the patented Nutrient Transport Mode on your Vortech Quiet Drive wave maker pumps.

MXM Compatibility:

EcoTech Marine

  • Radion XR15 & XR30 LED Lights (G5 | G6)
  • Vortech MQD Series (MP10 | MP40 | MP60)
  • Vectra Series 2 (S2 | M2 | L2)


  • Hydra Series (32 HD | 64 HD)
  • Prime 16HD (Reef | Freshwater | Sol | Fuge)
  • Nero Series (Nero 3 | Nero 5 | Nero 7)
  • Blade (Grow | Glow | Freshwater | Refugium)

*Requires Neptune Systems Apex A3 (Apex Pro, Apex, Apex Jr.) or Apex A2 (Apex, Apex EL)

Setting up your MXM Module:

1) Setup your MXM, EcoTech, and AI devices in Mobius

2) Release control to your Apex

3) Access Apex Fusion for expanded features and control

The MXM modules we sent out to dealers and distributors in limited quantities so don’t be surprised if the availabilty is a little scarce for the initial product launch. MXM modules can be purchased from our retail business, Aquarium Specialty or one of our sponsors, Premium Aquatics.


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Scott Groseclose is the owner of AquaNerd, Aquarium Specialty, Aqua Specialty Wholesale, BioTek Marine, & The Carolina Reef Experience. He has a degree in Biology from St. Andrews University and he has been a passionate reef keeper since 1988.