Biotek Marine IntelliDose System Designed for Ecotech Marine’s Versa Dosing Pumps


Innovative and exciting products are nothing new from Biotek Marine but did you know that we are now designing and manufacturing in-house? Last year, Biotek Marine purchased ten 3D printers and they are working for us around the clock. One of the unique products we designed is called the IntelliDose that made to use with the popular Ecotech Marine Versa dosing pumps. We designed the system to be modular so that you can daisy chain up to 4 dosing pumps together with the 2.5 Amp model. And if that is not enough for your needs, then we also offer a 5 amp model that can power up to 8 Ecotech Marine Versa dosing pumps.

The Ecotech Versa Dosing Pump VX-1 is one the most popular and highly rated dosing pump products in the market today. The Versa pump is equipped with a peristaltic motor so it is designed for continuous use or for precise incremental dosing, making it a great choice for any aquarium setup. Many of the more cheaply designed dosing pumps use stepper motors and they have significant disadvantages vs. peristaltic models. For one, stepper motors are usually noisier when they are running. Second, they require much more frequent servicing and part replacement, making them more expensive to operate over time. Also, peristaltic pumps can dose more precisely than stepper motors and this is why we prefer the Versa dosing pumps over other any of the stepper motor offerings.

So why use the IntelliDose bases? Biotek’s IntelliDose bases are ready to accept one Versa pump right out of the box. Our system provides a unique way to “scale” and address your needs as they grow. Each “Parent” base can be configured to run one, two, three or up to four Versa pumps with the 2.5 Amp model. With the 5 Amp model, you can run up to 8 pumps. With each of these models, you only need to use our single outlet power supply. Having one power supply to run all your pumps is a huge advantage by reducing clutter under your tank and reducing the number of outlets used on your power strip or controller platform. Also when each system is maximized out (running all pumps at full speed), you will only be consuming 70% of the power capabilities of our base station, directly translating to long lasting components.

Each system is equipped with a premium switching power supply. Switching power supplies regulate the power they produce versus what is being consumed. This capability allows the power supplies to run cool and efficiently. In addition, our power supplies are UL rated and meet the highest of standards.

Biotek’s IntelliDose wiring is done using high grade wires. Where possible, we solder connections ensuring solid connections that will not fail.

IntelliDose advantages vs. the Ecotech Marine Base:

• First of all the savings are significant. Ecotech Marine requires you to purchase a mount that is designed to work with 4 pumps. If you don’t need 4 pumps then you will have unused slots in the base station. These unused slots take up additional room in your aquarium cabinet.

• Using our individual add-on units, you will not have any unused slots.

• Flexible configuration – a significant cost savings, particularly for those who have a configuration other than 4 pumps.

• The base station includes a back lit Master on-off switch as well as an individual switch to turn off the individual pump. Each additional station (child) has its own power off switch so you can power each pump individually.

Features Recap:

IntelliDose Base Station – Standard

• Single power connection which powers up to 4 Versa™ pumps.

• Uses only 70% of its available power when 4 pumps are connected.

IntelliDose Base Station – Premium

• Single power connection which powers up to 8 Versa™ pumps.

• Uses only 70% of its available power when 8 pumps are connected.

• While you can run less than 4 pumps with the premium base, we recommend that you purchase the standard version if you are not likely to add more than 4 pumps. After all, it is less expensive.

IntelliDose – Add-On Unit

• Units connect to either the premium or the standard base.

• Connecting multiple modules is very simple. With our are premium barrel connectors, you can’t make a mistake.

Learn more about our products by visiting the Biotek Marine website. Biotek Marine products are available from retail aquarium stores across and they are available online at Aquarium Specialty and Premium Aquatics.

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