Dipping Corals with Various Coral Dips – Fauna Marin, Red Sea, Reef Primer, Coral RX & More



Dipping new corals when adding them to your quarantine system and/or display tank is a crucial step in maintaining a thriving reef aquarium. With proper dipping and quarantining corals can help eliminate potential pests, parasites, and other harmful organisms that may hitchhike on newly acquired corals. Among the various coral dip solutions available in the market, Coral RX, Reef Primer, Two Little Fishies Revive, and Fauna Marin AEFW X, Dip X, Seachem Reef Dip are widely recognized for their effectiveness. Some dips are more targeted and effective for certain pests so it’s important to understand the effectiveness for treating corals. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the benefits of each coral dip and discuss what specific organisms they target…keep reading at Aquarium Specialty.


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