Tip of the Day – 10/19/2011


Carpet anemones are beautiful and vibrant, but they are also very deadly. The anemones can get huge, like well over a foot across, and they can pack a nasty sting that can debilitate a fish in a matter of moments. Because of this, the carpet anemones are notorious for eating beloved fish and great care should be taken when adding one to a reef aquarium. It would also seem that fish with a voracious appetite fall victim to these anemones the most. As food trickles into the aquarium and lands on the anemone, brave and hungry fish take a chance to steal some of the food away from the anemone. Sometimes this ends in a small sting, but it can also end with the anemone getting a far larger meal.


About Author

  • Haddoni/Saddle Carpets are notorious fish eaters and are found in sandy areas with seagrasses where they are exposed to slowed moving fish.   

    Gigantea and mertens not so much they are often found in high flow areas where the chances of snagging a whole fish are slim. 

    In the aquarium thou life is not the same and as you said above sometimes the brave and hungry become the dinner