New Controllable Koralias

Koralia Wavemaker

Koralia Wavemaker

*Photo courtesy of MarineDepot

A little while back I wrote an article about the Hydor Koralia powerheads. In that article, I wrote about the controllable Koralia setup which consisted of a controller (either a 2-way controller or a 4-way controller) and used Koralia models 1-4 and the Nano. Well, Hydor is expanding the controllable lineup to include models 5-8 as well. This expansion grows the collection up to nine controllable powerheads!

Koralia Magnum Powerhead

Koralia Magnum Powerhead

*Photo courtesy ofMarineDepot

Also, the new powerheads (5-8) gain some horsepower, much like the original powerheads did when they became controllable. The Koralia Controllable 8 for example gets an increase from 3250 gph to 3500 gph when the pump is set to its maximum speed.

This is good news for those reefkeepers who like to have a ton of flow in their aquarium. The price of two controllable Koralia 8’s and a 2-way controller only adds up to about $550, which is cheaper than buying two competing powerheads of similar flow speeds.



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