Brandon Klaus to Be Featured on Blue Zoo Radio


Hey AquaNerd Community,

I will be featured on the upcoming August 3rd edition of Blue Zoo Radio. So be sure to tune in and hear what Frank and I have to chat about.

Here’s some info about Blue Zoo Radio, direct from their website:

A show dedicated to each and every aquarist making a difference in the hobby. Blue Zoo Radio features interviews with Industry Leaders, best selling authors, manufacturers, fish clubs, other hobbyists and You.

Blue Zoo Radio is live every Monday evening at 8pm EST. The archives are available for immediate download to your computer, iPod or Mp3 player OR you can stream them on your computer ON Demand. Simply click the archive to the right.

Visit Blue Zoo World to view links to a vast array of fish aficionados around the globe. Email us your group or organizations info and logo to become an important contributor to the Blue Zoo World.

Comments, suggestions and feedback to the host of Blue Zoo Radio, Frank Reece, are encouraged…. email anytime. Don’t be shy.

You can get to the real “movers and shakers” in the industry by clicking onto “Ask the Pros”. You can view updated content, new products and ideas. Your questions and suggestions will be heard and answered… guaranteed.


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