AquaNerd Nominated "Blog of the Week" on YouSayToo


AquaNerd community,

It’s so exciting how far this blog has come. Just under four months ago we were nothing more than a marine biologist

Website Grade

Website Grade

with too much time on his hands. But those months of hard work and dedication are finally paying off. We have several followers, have over 175 articles, and have reached virtually every country in the world. The AquaNerd Blog has recently made quite a few achievements. The website itself received a grade of 95 out of 100 from and has recently been named a top blog at YouSayToo, a blogging community. Additionally, AquaNerd has

YouSayToo Blog of the Week

YouSayToo Blog of the Week

consistently stayed within the top 60 pet blogs over at the BlogTopList ever since its creation.

So, we want to thank everyone for visiting us, commenting on stories, and making this experience enjoyable. We will be working harder than ever to bring the AquaNerd community all the news and information regarding the saltwater hobby it can and help make the hobby that much more enjoyable.

Thank you so much,

Brandon Klaus


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