Marine Solutions MSX 1A Cone Skimmer


Want an affordable, yet effective cone skimmer? The MSX 1A Cone Skimmer is just shy of $800 and is rated for up to 700 gallons system volume. It can even handle up to 400 gallons on a heavy load.

From the Marine Solutions website:

-An integrated bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the skimmer body
-An extra wide neck to allow for more air flow
-A Wedge pipe is used to adjust the skimmer
-Comes with a pinwheel impeller
-With our pumps and pinwheel impellers, we are seeing up to 80 SCFH in single pass mode.
-Requires only 1/2 inch of clearance to remove the collection cup
-The Askoll pump we utilize draws less than 65 watts of electricity
-This skimmer is meant to be run in a sump.
-11 inch diameter at the base of the cone, 24 inches tall with collection cup
-Footprint:Single-pass: 14X18 Recirc: 18X18

Below is a video of the MSX in action…check it out.

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