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Dear AquaNerd users,

We will be adopting a new policy in regards to our use of images, video, and content. In addition to this, we will also be using a new policy that would allow other people to use our content. Please see below for details.

Our Use of Copyrighted Material
In order to fully comply with all copyright laws, AquaNerd will have written permission for every single image, video, or piece of text content we use on our site that was originally created by someone else. In addition to possessing written permission, we will also follow any requirements that the original creator of the property dictates to us. AquaNerd’s sole purpose is to be an educational blog. We are here to inform the general populace how to properly care for the living animals they possess by providing them with accurate information and practical aquarium skills.

How to Legally Use our Content
Would you like to use content created by the AquaNerd crew? If so, please send us an email at for details. We will gladly give users written permission to use our content, but have a few specific requirements to discuss before the content is used. If you would like to use content provided by one of the companies, organizations, or individuals that AquaNerd uses (see list below), you can either contact them directly, of we can give you a hand.

The Fair Use Policy:
In addition to obtaining written permission to use content, AquaNerd will also employ the Fair Use Policy. Please see this link for details: Fair Use Policy

According to the right of copyright (or copyright laws), the owner of the copyrighted content alone has the right to distribute, alter, reproduce, and/or to authorize others to reproduce his or her content. However, this right has certain limitations including, but not limited to, “fair use”.

The Fair Use policy states:

Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair:

1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes
2. The nature of the copyrighted work
3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole
4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work

Summing up this policy, if someone uses another individual’s intellectual property without permission, it may not be considered a copyright infringement if the purpose of using the material is for educational purposes (though other purposes may qualify), if the amount of the original work used is negligible, and/or if the original creator of the work is not negatively impacted financially because of the use of the material. The nature of the content is also taken into account, but from research into legal precedents, it would appear that overall use of the material is the most important factor to the case.

To further clarify, AquaNerd is not claiming to be a non-profit organization, nor is it claiming to not be one. At the moment, AquaNerd contributes 100% of its advertising proceeds back into the website. We are simply stating the Fair Use policy to let members and guests of aquarium clubs and other non-profit clubs and organizations know that they can distribute AquaNerd content to their clubs. We highly promote local and internet-based aquarium clubs as they are a great source for aquarium related information and promotion of aquacultured fish livestock.

Our Contributors
At this point, we would like to specifically thank those who are allowing us to use their content. Below is a list (updated as our content grows) of all of the companies, organizations, or individuals who are allowing us to use their content:

Advanced Aquarist approved by Len (may require approval by individual author/photographer)
ATB Skimmers approved by Victor
Aqua Digital Inc approved by Michael Hall

Aquarium Specialty approved by Scott Groseclose
D&D The Aquarium Solution approved by Stuart Bertram approved by Kenneth Knezick

Drs. Foster and Smith approved by Claire Hanson
JBJ-USA approved by Steve
Live Aquaria approved by Claire Hanson
Marine Depot approved by Jeff Johnston
Marine Solutions approved by Rob
ORA approved by Vince Rado
approved by Richard Lenhard
Reef Scavengers
Reef Specialty approved by Mike Leonard
Salty Critter
Sea Dwelling Creatures approved by Eric
World Wide Corals approved by Lou Schiavo

Organizations, Websites, and Clubs:
Blue Zoo Radio approved by Frank Reese
Blue Zoo TV approved by Frank Reese
Koppie Onder approved by Mischa Koorneef
Melev’s Reef approved by Marc Levenson
Monterey Bay Research Institute approved by Nancy Barr
Muzzy’s Reef approved by Muzzy approved by Dan
Salt Corner approved by Bob Geomans
Sanjay’s Reef Aquarims approved by David Pearce

Karlo Martinez, AquaNerd author
Chris, aka “crvz” (personal information was left off per the request of the individual)
clkwrk from Reef Central (personal information was left off)
Clay Bryce
Gary Allen
Gary McKinney
Marcel Triessl
Quoc, aka “fishcraze” (personal information was left off per the request of the individual)
Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D.

The AquaNerd staff reserves the right to alter this statement at any time. Please check back for details.


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