Blue Zoo TV


Last month I had the privilege of going on Blue Zoo Radio for an internet radio interview with host Frank Reese. Needless to say I had a great time on the show and I had an even better time browsing through the archives and listening to previous interviews with some big name folks.

Now, as if the radio show wasn’t enough, Frank has started Blue Zoo TV, which is a channel on YouTube. So far there is only one episode, but it’s broken down into two parts…and both are great! Part 1 takes place in a fish distributor, Tropical Fish Distributors. Part 2 basically goes from the distributor to the pet store. Though both videos focus on freshwater fish, it’s still interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.

So whenever you get a chance, stop by Blue Zoo TV and tell Frank I said hi. I’ve also added Episode 1 Part 1 below.


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