Exciting News for AquaNerd


Hello AquaNerd community,

In an effort to keep up with the technology and expand our functionality, AquaNerd and The AquaNerd Blog will be moving to a new server and adopting a new blogging platform. Currently, we are hosted on Blogger and use their blogging platform. By continuing to use this platform, we are restricted as to how we can operate. So, we’ll be moving over to Word Press, an extremely popular web blogging platform. We haven’t initiated the transfer yet, but we will be doing so shortly. The site may experience a blackout for a brief time, but the transfer will be worth it. We will come back stronger, faster, and with a bunch of new tools at our disposal.

We currently have a temporary AquaNerd blog located on Word Press here: AquaNerd on Word Press if you want to take a look.

If you have any questions, please email me at my personal email address: camaroracer214@yahoo.com


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