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GHL Dosing Pump

GHL Dosing Pump

Continuing on with our discussion of the new products from GHL, the same company who brought us the ProfiLux 3 aquarium controller, we bring you the GHL SA Doser range. This is quite an amazing dosing system. It has a built-in controller and comes in 1, 2, 3, and even 4 pump versions. Versions 1, 2, and 3 are all upgradeable to contain more pumps for added flexibility. Also, if your dosing needs exceed 4 pumps, you can simply purchase a slave unit to add up to 4 more dosing pumps. That’s a total of 8 dosing pumps!

Additionally, the GHL Dosing system comes in three modes:
Auto mode, Manual mode, and Manual pump override. Aside from those functions, each pump can also be programmed to dose as little as 1 ml per day, all the way up to 1 ml every second.

Auto Mode
In “auto mode”, simply set the desired volume (in milliliters) to be dosed for each pump over a 24-hour period. Once set, the controller will automatically dose from each pump, not overlapping any two doses at any given time.

Manual Mode
In “manual mode”, you set the amount to be dosed as well as the time to be dosed.

Manual Pump Override
At any time, you can simply press the red button on the face of the controller and the corresponding pump will dose the amount you choose.

Prices start as low as $340 for single pump units, and go up to $542 for 4-pump units.

Slave Dosing Pump Unit

If you have or plan on purchasing a ProfiLux controller, or already have a GHL 4-pump dosing system but need more out of it, check out the GHL Slave Dosing Unit. This unit does not come with a built-in controller, but can hook up to a ProfiLux controller or a GHL dosing system that has a controller. The added benefit to this controller is that it doesn’t have an upper limit to how much it can dose. The doser with the controller maxes out a 1 ml per second of dosing capabilities. With the slave unit, you can even do a full blown water change!

Profilux Slave Dosing Unit

Profilux Slave Dosing Unit

Lastly, here’s a breakdown of the different dosing pump configurations along with how many pumps each configuration can handle:

  • Stand-alone Doser with Built-in Controller can control up to 8 pumps max; 4 from the stand-alone doser and 4 from the slave doser
  • ProfiLux Plus II controller can operate up to two slave units, giving you the ability to control 8 dosing pumps
  • ProfiLux 3 with the PAB doser can control an infinite amount of units and dosing pumps…unheard of in the aquarium hobby up to this point

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