GHL ProfiLux Koralia Controller

Profilux Koralia Controller

Profilux Koralia Controller

Wrapping up our unintentionally created week-long GHL ProfiLux product showcase, we bring you the GHL ProfiLux Koralia Controller.

For quite a while, GHL has been able to control the ever popular Tunze pumps, and now they can officially add Hydor Koralia pumps to their list of aquarium equipment that can utilize the ProfiLux controllers. The Pump Control-1 is an expansion box that plugs into two 1-10V sockets on the ProfiLux controller and can control up to two Hydor Koralia powerheads. Two Koralia controllable powerheads can be hooked up to the new ProfiLux pump controller, including the Koralia Nano and Koralia powerhead models 1-4.

Additionally, you can add a second Pump Control-1 to the controller which will allow for a total of 4 independently controlled Koralia powerheads. Using these pumps in conjunction with the ProfiLux pump controller, you can create a wide variety of wave effects.

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