GHL PropellerBreeze Aquarium Fan


Continuing on with our unofficial GHL ProfiLux product showcase week, we bring you the GHL PropellerBreeze aquarium fan.

Profilux Fan

Profilux Fan

The PropellerBreeze is a fan that attaches directly onto the rim of your aquarium. It keeps the aquarium cool by inducing evaporative cooling. As water evaporates, it cools the ambient temperature. Thus, the fans will keep your aquarium cool and you won’t even need a chiller! The PropellerBreeze is a low-noise fan, with units available in 3, 4, or 5 fan models. The unit operates at 12V and can be tilted per your cooling needs.

Technical Specs:

  • PropellerBreeze 3 – 195 cbm/h, dimensions: 40 x 125 x 276mm
  • PropellerBreeze 4 – 260 cbm/h, dimensions: 40 x 125 x 368mm
  • PropellerBreeze 5 – 325 cbm/h, dimensions: 40 x 125 x 460mm

Additionally, the PropellerBreeze can be combined with a ProfiLux aquarium controller so that you can alter the speed of the fans to match your cooling needs. The PropellerControl enables ProfiLux controllers to operate the fans via the 1-10V interface. In addition to simply operating the fans, the controller can change the speed of the fans depending on the temperature of the aquarium.

Profilux Fan Controller

Profilux Fan Controller

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