New Metal Halide, T5HO and LED Combo Light from IceCap Inc.


Along with the release of the IceCap Reef Illuminations 4′ T5/LED combo light fixture, IceCap is also releasing a 4′ metal halide/T5HO/LED combo light. As with the T5HO/LED combo light, details on this fixture are also sketchy. But, judging from the picture, there appear to be two T5HO bulb, two rows of LEDs, and two double-ended metal halide lamps. And as with the IceCap T5HO/LED combo light, this light is priced well at around $1000.

IceCap Illuminations MH/T5/LED Combo Fixture

IceCap Illuminations MH/T5/LED Combo Fixture

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