Tunze Nano Skimmer Review

JBJ 24-gallon Nano-Cube DX

Modified JBJ 24-gallon Nano-Cube DX

I owned a Tunze Nano Sknano cubeimmer 9002 for a brief time and wanted to share my experience with it.

The Tunze Nano Skimmer 9002 is really a nice product. I used it on my 24-gallon JBJ Nano-Cube and couldn’t be happier with its performance. The skimmer comes with a magnet mount, allowing for placement just about anywhere and can easily fit into the middle chamber of most nano aquariums.

Tunze Nano Skimmer 1

Tunze DOC 9002 Nano Skimmer

The collection cup sits easily into the neck of the skimmer, but is a bit over-sized for the rear chamber of the nano aquarium. This forced me to slightly modify the aquarium by cutting away some of the trim, which wasn’t a difficult task.

Once modded, the skimmer and collection cup fit nicely into the aquarium. Of course the skimmer won’t fit in the tank if the stock hood is still on. This problem is quickly alleviated by the removal of the stock hood and subsequent addition of a

Tunze Nano Skimmer 2

Tunze Nano Skimmer

20″ 150 watt Current USA Sunpod. The skimmer is very quiet. I had it running in my bedroom and I couldn’t even hear it when trying to sleep.

The one think that I noticed about this skimmer is that it is very sensitive to water level changes. If the skimmer isn’t operating at the desired water level, then the skimmate production is virtually non-existent. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for skimmer located in the middle chamber of a nano aquarium, since the water level is constant.

Tunze Nano Skimmer 3

Rear of Nano-Cube, Notice the Modifications

But in my case, I accidentally messed up the divider of the middle chamber causing the water level to change with evaporation. This wasn’t the skimmer’s fault obviously, but the skimmer’s performance was affected.

If I had to give this skimmer a numerical rating, I would say an 8 out of 10. The reason I didn’t get it a solid 10 was due to the somewhat flimsy plastic that was used to build the skimmer. This didn’t seem to affect the skimmer’s performance at all though.


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