Geo’s Reef = Great Customer Service


While gathering equipment for my new tank build, I ran across a GEO 624 calcium reactor on ReefCentral. I immediately jumped on it and the buyer quickly shipped it to me. The package arrived within a few days and it was packed very well, but the bubble counter had broken off of the PVC manifold. I thought about repairing it, but before I got my hands dirty I decided to contact GEO to inquire about purchasing a replacement. George contacted me back in less than 24-hours and asked for a picture of the damage to see if it was even worth fixing. After sending him the pictures, he contacted me back and told me he would just send me a whole new PVC manifold. The bubble counter and all of the PVC pieces are glue together as one solid piece, so replacing one small piece (the bubble counter in this instance) is impracticle. I sent him a few bucks for shipping, and within 3 days I had a brand new PVC manifold.

So, for his great customer service, George at GEO gets an A+ in my book. The reactor itself is built like a tank and I can’t wait to get it up and running on my future reef aquarium.


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