New Koralias on the Way


Looks like there is new Koralia powerheads on the way!

Hydor is releasing announcements in magazines and to retailers that they have redesigned the famous Koralia powerheads. The new pumps will be smaller, will use less energy, and will put out more flow. And judging from the ads, there will only be three models available, at first anyways.


  • Energy Saving: 50% less energy used
  • Higer Efficiency: Up to 20% more water flow
  • Pumps are designed to be placed on timers
  • The pump will be smaller, taking up less viewing space in your aquarium
  • The impeller gets a new design as well, allowing for more efficient water movement

Three models to choose from:

  • Model 750 – uses only 4.5 watts to achieve 750 gallons per hour
  • Model 1050 – uses only 5 watts to achieve 1050 gallons per hour
  • Model 1400 – uses only 5.5 watts to achieve 1400 gallons per hour

The Koralia water pumps will retain their patented suction cup/magnet mount that the older models used, though pretty much everything else is getting redesigned.


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