New Tek Light Elite from Sunlight Supply


Sunlight Supply, the makers of the the popular Tek T5HO light fixtures and the LumenMax metal halide reflectors, are releasing an updated version of their Tek Light. Previous Tek light fixtures came without any form of active cooling. While they ran dead silent, heat did build up in the fixture, forcing the need to replace light bulbs more frequently. To alleviate the heat issues, the new Tek Light Elite will feature a cooling fan. In addition to adding a fan, Sunlight Supply has improved the reflectors. If you read the product specifications for a normal Tek fixture, the reflectors are said to reflect 95% of the light. The new Elite fixtures are said to reflect 98% of the light. Only a slight improvement, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

Tek Elite T5HO Light Fixture

Tek Elite T5HO Light Fixture

The light fixtures look to only be available in 36″ and 48″ lengths for the moment, though I’m sure the demand for both longer and shorter fixtures will cause Sunlight Supply to develop different sizes. This happened with the original Tek light. The popularity of a T5’s and six foot long aquariums eventually caused Sunlight Supply to develop a 60″ Tek light fixture to house over larger tanks.

The Tek Elite will be released to the public in January 2010, and prices posted on various websites indicate that these fixtures will run anywhere between $400 and $640 (without bulbs).

Tek Elite Features:

  • 98% reflective European aluminum reflectors increase output by over 300%
  • Active air cooling for optimum lamp performance
  • Includes acrylic shield
  • Aluminum body is lightweight
  • Powder coated with graphite color that is heavy duty and rust proof
  • Accommodates ultra efficient, high output T5 lamps (sold separately)
  • Sleek profile only 2.5 inches high
  • 2 power switches and cords for better lighting control – allows independent use of timers
  • Cool operation and NO noise
  • Two 8 ft power cords – 120 volt
  • Compatible with both of our cable hanging kits (sold separately)

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