New ZEOvit Products on the Way

Corals Under Korallen-Zucht Coral Light Super Blue

Corals Under Korallen-Zucht Coral Light Super Blue

Korallen-Zucht, the company who brings us all the great ZEOvit products, is adding two new products to their already robust arsenal. First up to the plate is the new Korallan-Zucht Coral Light Super Blue T5HO light bulb. The bulbs will come in 24″, 36″, 48″ and even 60″ lengths and will put out light in the 20,000 Kelvin color, which is very blue for those not familiar with the Kelvin ratings. Prices for the bulb will range from about $25 to $36 depending on the size of the bulb and the retailer.

ZEOvit Pohl's Xtra Special

ZEOvit Pohl's Xtra Special

The second new product to discuss is the new Pohl’s Xtra Special. Korallen-Zucht already has a Pohl’s Xtra, but the Pohl’s Extra Special version is the development of Pohl’s Xtra for very low nutrient tanks with pale corals without deep coloration. Pohl’s Xtra Special will be available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml bottles. This product will be available in mid-January.

Here are some additional details about Pohl’s Xtra Special:

  • Improves coloration
  • Improves growth
  • Strengthens vitality
  • Dosing: 1 ml per 100 L / 25 gallons daily

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