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An interesting new concept was revealed to me over the weekend, and it’s a coral naming and registering system. The National Coral Registry Association, or NCRA, is a site that promotes aquaculture through the registering (and subsequent selling) of corals that you grow in your own aquarium. Farmers name and send in a high resolution image of a rare or limited edition (LE) corals that they have grown. The NCRA will then assign a registry number to the coral, which is also attached to the image of the coral. The registry will then identify the coral down to the species level. Once all of the information is confirmed, it is placed on a certificate. The certificate will include a image of the coral, the registry number, the coral’s name and species, and finally the grower’s name. Once frags are available to sell, they are listed on the NCRA Marketplace, which is an auction based marketplace. In addition to the registry certificate, numbered frag plugs are available to farmers. This further ensures that purchasers of the rare coral frags will get the frag they are purchasing.

Here’s a brief description from NCRA of how the registry works and why it’s important:

Through our process each coral receives it’s own registration number and registry. As smaller fragments are farmed, they are sold or passed along with their own registered certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the source and origin. By doing this we are convinced this should help great L.E.’s remain unique and retain their values. There are many services and tools available. for namers and farmers that will ensure their success and viability while promoting the name of their business and protecting their hard earned reputation. We encourage farmers to contact us to discover the wealth of information available to them. We also encourage hobbyists to enjoy our NCRA Forums. This bulletin board is a great place to share information and learn as we all progress together through this hobby.


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