New Year’s Sale at

Gates of Hell Leptastrea

Gates of Hell Leptastrea

The guys at ReefExotic emailed me and wanted to tell everyone about the New Year’s sale going on at They also sent me several photos of new livestock they currently have in stock (and on sale!). Additionally, ReefExotic has informed me of their successful breeding of Dwarf Cuttlefish, which are eating now eating prepared foods (more on this story to come). Below are the details of the sale, ending January 9th.

Hello Every One and Happy New Years!! To start off the year right we have a all our corals on sale 40% off plus free Freight on all orders over 175.00. ( only exceptions are Rainbow Acros and Blue Hurricane Chalices no Sale price offered on these due to the few frags we have available every year-Sorry) . New this year we have Hatched Baby Dwarf Cuttle fish they are eating Live Mysis shrimp and Tiger pods these little guys are 10 days old and measure about ¾” in size don’t worry they grow fast the max out at 6”. We have limited quantities so first come first served ( each cuttle fish baby is $100.00 they are reef safe as far as medium sized fish and corals but these guys love shrimp and small fish (tiny Goby size). The Cuttle fish are not on the site if interested in those please call us on the number listed below. ( Note we do have 6 pieces or reverse superman deneas available (75.00) if you’re interested the discount will apply to these.) This sale ends January 9th .


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