ReefExotic Breeding Dwarf Cuttlefish

Dwarf Cuttlefish Baby

Dwarf Cuttlefish Baby

ReefExotic has successfully bred and raised dwarf cuttlefish, a not too common feat in the aquarium world. Even more uncommon, ReefExotic has them eating live mysis shrimp and even tigger pods.

As their name suggests, the dwarf cuttlefish doesn’t get very big. They max out at around 5-6″, with their lifespan being similar to other cephalopods. Additionally, the dwarf cuttlefish can easily be housed and cared for in the home aquarium. They may attach smaller fish and crustaceans, but larger fish should be fine. But do make sure that if you plan on housing cuttlefish that you don’t have any over-aggressive fish like groupers or triggerfish.

A little snippet from ReefExotic:

New this year we have Hatched Baby Dwarf Cuttle fish they are eating Live Mysis shrimp and Tiger pods these little guys are 10 days old and measure about ¾” in size don’t worry they grow fast the max out at 6”.

  • Sepia bandensis
  • Life span :13months
  • Breeding – Relatively easy
  • Max Size -7 inches
  • Reef Compatible : With Caution
  • Salinity: 1.025
  • Temp: 78-79
  • Tank Size: adults 60+ Gallons
  • Price: $100 through ReefExotic

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