Welcome AquaNerd’s Newest Sponsor Ecoxotic

ecoxotic Logo

ecoxotic Logo

We are excited to announce the newest sponsor on the AquaNerd Blog, Ecoxotic. Ecoxotic is an LED lighting company that makes the Panorama LED Fixture, as well as several retrofit LED setups.

Ecoxotic has sent the AquaNerd staff a bunch of new LED lighting equipment and retrofit kits for us to review. And at the end of that review, we will be giving away all of the LED lighting equipment that was sent to us.

We’ll be cracking open the box of goodies this evening and will start the reviews right away. But to wet your whistle a little bit, we’ve added a video of the Stunner retrofit LED strips from the Ecoxotic website.

Introduction to Stunner Strip Lights from Forrest Clough on Vimeo.


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