AquaFX Octopus RO/DI System

AquaFX Octopus RODI

AquaFX Octopus RODI

AquaFX, a very popular reverse osmosis company, has released another fancy RO/DI unit to their lineup. The AquaFX Octopus RO/DI unit is full of bells and whistles and is the most efficient unit AquaFX has to offer.

The Octopus will retail for 389.00 and will feature the following:

  • Microprocessor Controlled 1:1 Waste water Ratio
  • High Pressure Bracket Mounted Booster Pump (Located Post Pre-filtration for extended pump life)
  • Extended DI life via automatic Membrane Flush upon Start-up (Greatly prolong DI life by flushing TDS Creep upon startup!)
  • Cyclic Membrane Flush (Full Membrane Flush upon shutdown to help prevent membrane scaling)
  • Built in TDS meter with full (0-99)ppm range
  • High and Low Pressure Kill Switchs (For pump protection and full system automation)

Here’s a brief statement from AquaFX

AquaFX is proud to release the newest in a line of Green and Effcient units, the first of Which is the Octopus RO/DI unit.

At a glance, the Octopus seems friendly and undaunting, but if you take a closer look, you will see a true RO/DI marvel!

This RO/DI unit is setup for greatest filter life, with least ammount of waste!

All units are made, tested and supported in the USA.

The AquaFX water filtration units are very well built. I own the AquaFX Mako and it’s still producing water at 0ppm dissolved solids over a year since its purchase. I don’t run a whole lot of water through the system, but still, the unit definitely performs well.


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