EcoTech Marine Releases New Battery Backup


EcoTech Marine contacted us with a rather informative email introducing their new Battery Backup.

EcoTech New Battery Backup

EcoTech New Battery Backup

After extensive product testing and engineering, the new EcoTech Marine Battery Backup is now available…and this one isn’t made by IceCap, Inc. Tim Marks, President of EcoTech Marine, had this to say about the new Battery Backup

By bringing the Battery Backup accessory in-house, we can now better control the availability and final quality of this critical piece of reef tank insurance. We thank IceCap for their support over the years and are pleased to take this step forward.

The new Battery Backup will come with two spare cables, instead of just one as with the previous model. This will allow you to backup multiple VorTech pumps or link batteries together for a longer run time. Additionally, EcoTech is using a  more powerful charger which also allows for longer run time. With all of the added features, the price will stay at its current level of $165.


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