The New D-D NanoScope



D-D the Aquarium Solution, the creators of the Deltec protein skimmers and numerous other aquarium products, is releasing an interesting piece of equipment that will give you and up close view of your aquarium and its livestock. The D-D NanoScope allows aquarium keepers the ability to view tiny organisms living in their tanks and gives them a whole other view of their corals and fish. This device is especially useful in viewing the tiny invertebrates that can be harmful to corals, such as red bugs, Acropora eating flatworms, Tridacna clam eating Pyramidellid snails, and any other dangerous parasite or predator.

What is also nice about this device is that you use it to take up close videos or photographs, as can be seen in the video below. Simply place your camera on the viewing eyepiece and, with a little practice, good photos and video can be taken.

Specifications from the D-D NanoScope page:

  • Minimum focus distance without close viewing optic: 48x – 25cm
  • Maximum focus distance without close viewing optic: 24x – 3 Meters to infinity
  • Includes:
    • Case
    • Clear acrylic clamp that accepts standard tripod threads
    • Close up viewing optic
    • NanoScope with lens and eyepiece covers
    • Includes a threaded flexible mount that screws into the Acrylic tripod clamp and uses a suction cup to attach to the aquarium glass
NanoScope with iPhone

NanoScope with iPhone

The price is yet to be determined, but it will hopefully be a lot more affordable than the other up-close viewing scopes on the market today, which run for several hundred dollars brand new.


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