Track Your Aquarium Parameters with reefiris

reefiris aquarium controller

reefiris aquarium controller

While doing my daily perusal of the web, I ran across an interesting site. It’s an aquarium parameter tracking site called reefiris. Now, I know your thinking why waste time and go to a website when I can jot it down on a piece of paper or onto an Excel spreasheet. Well, what sets this site apart is it has the ability to automatically track your parameters via aquarium controller updates. The reefiris site can automatically update its graphs and other information via Profilux, Neptune Systems Aquacontroller, and Aquatronica network-enabled controllers. If you don’t have a controller, or at least a controller supported by reefiris, then you can still manually input the information to aid in parameter tracking.

Below is a little information from reefiris:

What can you do on reefiris?

  1. Give your reef tank a web page of its own
  2. Track your tank parameters online, automatically or by hand
  3. Keep a public log of what you do to your tank
  4. Share your tank with others
  5. More soon to come!

How do I start?

  1. Click “Signup” and create an account
  2. Add your tank, with as much or as little information that you want to share
  3. Enjoy logging parameters*, keeping notes, and checking out other people’s tanks!

*Network-enabled controller required for automated parameter tracking. Currently supported controllers: Profilux, AquaController, Aquatronica


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