AquaNerd Aquarium Product Giveaway!!!


We’ve got a small handful of products that we have reviewed or had donated to us by some of our sponsors that we would like to give away to our readers. The contest will be very simple and you will have a chance to enter multiple times.

How to enter:

  1. Register on our site by clicking HERE
  2. Leave a comment on this contest article
  3. Join our Facebook PageFacebook Page…if you are already a fan on our Facebook Page, please indicate that in a comment below and it will be counted
  4. Follow us on Twitter and retweet our Original Contest Tweet
  5. Recommend this contest to your friends…when your friends enter the contest via commenting on this article, tell them to mention your name (the name you used to comment with) and you’ll each get an entry into the contest.

Prizes up for grabs:

Panorama LED Module

Panorama LED Module

Ecoxotic Stunner LED Strip

Ecoxotic Stunner LED Strip

Rainbow Acropora from

The contest will officially begin immediately and will end on April 30th. Winners will be selected on April 30th and contacted immediately for shipping information.

If you would like to sponsor AquaNerd or donate a product to our product giveaway, please Contact Us for more information.


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  • Very nice items, I hope I get them. =)

  • Hello! Very nice stuff! I really liked it!

    My friend mchiarelli recommended it.

  • CaminDFW

    Free Stuff = Good stuff!

  • very nice

  • Yes, would very nice to get my grubby hands on some of this stuff!

  • Free Stuff = Good Stuff1 – repost since my registration didn't take!

  • Great prizes! I have a stunner strip, it is awesome! Wouldn't mind having another ­čśë

  • Excellent led lights for nano tanks. I'd love to win this!

  • swampy

    Great site, keep it up.

  • Clint warren

    I would love the LEDs!! Keep up the great work. I check the page every day.

  • Pampee Santiago

    cool stuff

  • I have the 8000K (White) with 453nm (Blue) and 403nm (Ultraviolet) stunner strips. Still waiting for the other two to come in… Eco-exotics can't seem to get the right ones shipped. I've been working with Aquarium Specialty and they've been really helpful through this frustrating process.

    The Stunner strips are rock solid and put out a tremendous amount of light. A+ on quality. Haven't seen the panorama yet for comparison.

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  • phxreef

    nice stuff. I've been going back and forth on buying a couple stunner strips or one of the modules. I asked a question in you review of the stunner strips about the par output and that helped me make up my mind. Thanks,

  • Travis Moseman

    Awesome. Clint Warren referred me.

  • Clint

    Clint Warren

  • Chris Goetz

    In for the win.

  • Good news for me. UPS just alerted me that my blue stunner has finally been delivered. Hope its the right one when I get home. Sorry I missed hooking up with you at the picnic to see the Panorama fired up. It is a nice solid looking fixture, but is it nice enough to outweigh the cost savings on the stunner strips???

  • ShaneW

    So I would love to be this lucky as I am young and poor and have a strong fish addiction.

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  • phxreef

    I ordered one of the Panorama modules to suppliment my PCs on my nano. I didn't know how I would like the LED look. I now wan to switch to LED only as I love how they look.

  • zeezorm

    Never won a prize on one of these but why not try right…. Been looking at these LED strip really hard and would love to get them but… maybe some day : )