Aquarium Full of Anemones and Clownfish


A lot of reef aquariums typically favor one type (or genera) of coral. There are a lot of SPS dominated aquariums, which usually translates to Acropora dominated aquarium. Some even like to go for total LPS domination and spread chalices, favias, and other colorful hard, yet fleshy, corals throughout their tanks. But have you ever thought about an anemone dominated aquarium?

In the following video, the aquarium is absolutely packed with anemones, more specifically bubble tip anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor). Of course there are a few corals and even a Heteractis magnifica anemone also in the tank, but the real draw here is the wall of bubble tips. And no anemone tank could be complete without its clownfish…of which this aquarium has 27!


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