EcoTech EcoSmart Vortech Rebate Offer

EcoSmart Rebate Offer

EcoSmart Rebate Offer

We recently introduced the new EcoSmart Driver, and now it appears that there’s a manufacturer rebate offer for MP40w Gen 2 owners who purchased their pump(s) in 2010 and want to upgrade to the new driver system. The rebate is for $25, reducing the total cost of the upgrade to just $50.

Here’s the offer from EcoTech Marine:

Manufacturer’s Rebate Program

At EcoTech, we are committed to our customers. As a result, EcoTech is offering a manufacturer’s rebate to our US customer base for all VorTech MP40w pumps purchased in 2010 if they upgrade to the new EcoSmart Driver.

All customers who qualify will receive a $25 mail in rebate on new EcoSmart Upgrade kits. To qualify, the following conditions need to be met.

Download the rebate form here –> EcoSmart Rebate

  • You must have purchased the MP40w between 1/1/10 and 4/30/10
  • You must provide a receipt from an authorized retailer and the UPC from the MP40w box
  • You must have purchased the EcoSmart Upgrade kit from the EcoTech Marine Parts Store before 4/30/2010
  • You must provide a receipt from the EcoTech Marine Parts Store
  • You must postmark the rebate packet within 30 days of purchase of the EcoSmart Upgrade kit

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