Marine Salt Test by Practical Fishkeeping

D-D H2Ocean Pro Salt Mix

D-D H2Ocean Pro Salt Mix

Picture Courtesy of Marine Depot Blog

The guys at Practical Fishkeeping have done a great blind trial salt study with samples being analyzed by experts at the National Laboratory Service, the Environment Agency’s commercial laboratory. The study measured nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, inorganic phosphate, pH, calcium carbonate, calcium, alkalinity and magnesium of six major salt brands. The brands included D-D H2Ocean Pro, Reef Crystals, Tetra Marine Sea Salt, Tropic Marin Pro Reef, Tunze Reef Excel and Red Sea Coral Pro. The salt brand declared “best” by Practical Fishkeeping was the D-D H2Ocean Pro, as it more closely reflected the concentration of natural seawater.

For a full read on the salt test, please visit Practical Fishkeeping Salt Study and Marine Depot Blog


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