Tropic Marin SunaECO LED Lighting System

Tropic Marin SunaECO 500 Aquarium LED Lighting

Tropic Marin SunaECO

I have no idea how this product slipped by without detection, but Tropic Marin apparently has their own LED lighting system. Called the SunaEco, these systems come in a ton of different flavors. There are five bulb per light setup, each offering one of several different color combinations. Tropic Marin has setups for both freshwater and saltwater, with the freshwater lights focusing more on the white/yellow spectrum. The saltwater lights are focused more on blue to both mimic deeper waters and to give corals better coloration. The units also come in 12watt or 24watt versions.

Here’s a list of features on these lights:

  • Especially effective Special LED elements for a very of course appearing aquarium lighting.
  • With very low operating expenses (only 12 W) clearly higher light achievement per energy application in comparison to customary fluorescent lamps. Low operating temperature prevents energy loss.
  • Especially efficient light care by entire radiation of the light in the aquarium. Well-balanced chromatic circle with blue portion corresponds to the natural lighting conditions and improves colour, growth and well-being of the aquarium inhabitants
  • High lifetime: Up to 50,000 company hours (= more than 10 years with average lighting duration of 12 h per day) without luminous means change.
  • Favorable ecological balance: Long lifetime, minimum CO2 load and without mercury.
  • High security (low volt company): Case water-protected (IPL 64).
  • Low weight and practical connection facilities offer many-sided connection possibilities and individual lighting possibilities (expandable about modular assembly to system of MM as an option).
  • 3-year guarantee on light rail (1 year on net part).
  • Dimensions 490 x45mm

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