Update to the Lightning Maroon Clown Sold on Blue Zoo

Lightning Maroon Clownfish on Blue Zoo

Lightning Maroon Clownfish on Blue Zoo

Just recently, we wrote about the super rare Lightning Maroon Clownfish selling for $2500 on Blue Zoo Aquatics. Well, it turns out that the incredible fish wasn’t sold to your average aquarium keeper with a giant wad of money. According to a Twitter message I received from Nano Reef Blog and an update by Reef Builders, this amazing clownfish has gone to an accomplished fish breeder. Nobody knows who this breeder is, but hopefully this individual can breed the Lightning Maroon Clown with other Maroon Clowns and successfully raise offspring that have this unique pattern. The price on this fish will always be high, but hopefully enough of them will be raised to bring the price down some.


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