Tunze Wavecontroller 7092

Tunze Wavecontroller 7092

Tunze Wavecontroller 7092

Tunze has released a new water pump controller, the Wavecontroller 7092. This new Wavecontroller can independently control two pumps, allowing them to be flowing in a synchronized or reciprocal pattern. This of course means two pumps can be on/off at the same time (synchronized), or one is off while the other is on (reciprocal). The previously released Tunze 7091 Wavecontroller was only capable of controlling one pump. Special adapters could be used to allow the 7091 to control two pumps, but the two pumps would automatically be synchronized. This new 7092 controller allows for more user control of the pumps while remaining extraordinarily cheap…around $70. Continue below for more information from Tunze.

Here’s some additional product information from Tunze:

Wavecontroller 7092
The new Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane keyboard is a control unit for all Turbelle® pumps with electronic motor. It is the perfect synthesis between Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 6091, and thus can synchronously or reciprocally control two Turbelle® pumps: Wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time.

  • Oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of Nano Wavebox / Wavebox.
  • Oscillating flow with Turbelle® pump for the operation of Turbelle® stream pumps.
  • Automatic search of the resonance frequency in case of oscillating flow.
  • Ramp function for a gentle start of the pumps.
  • Food timer at the touch of a button; after about eight to ten minutes, a restart is carried out automatically.
  • If the Photo-Electric Cell 7094.05 (not included in the scope of delivery) is attached to the connecting port, the night-mode operation is activated automatically.
  • Price: 53,67 €

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