ORA Blue Cespitularia

ORA Blue Cespitularia

ORA Blue Cespitularia

Here’s yet another new ORA release…a Blue Cespitularia. These corals are amazingly beautiful, with a sparkling blue body and polyps with an touch of orange. Additionally, these corals adapts to a variety of lighting conditions, but have the most intense coloration under lower light levels. This, along with the fact that these corals are aquacultured will make them a great addition to any reef tank. For more information on these corals, read the ORA press release below.

ORA now offers a unique variety of Blue Cespitularia which has a sparkly turquoise body and peachy-orange polyps. This variety differs from the African variety which has a darker blue and purple coloration. It is rare to find such a bright and beautiful soft coral that is photosynthetic and so easy to care for.

Blue Cespitularia, sometimes referred to as “Blue Xenia”, is one of the most sought after soft corals in the industry. The color and movement of this coral appeals to all types of reefers, and its peaceful nature and hardiness make it an easy addition to any reef tank.

Blue Cespitularia adapts to a variety of lighting conditions, but we have noticed the most intense coloration under lower light levels when compared to typical SPS requirements. So as always, we suggest starting this coral out on the tank bottom and gradually moving it up to the desired location. Our other observations show that this coral prefers moderate to high water current and spreads by sending out a foot-like projection which attaches on to a nearby rock or solid surface.


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