Attention Koralia Evolution Owners

Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerheads

Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerheads

It seems there’s a small issue with the fairly new Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps. According to the Hydor website, the Koralia Evolution needs a small modification to fix a backward running impeller. The issues arise on certain timers and wavemakers and can easily be fixed by cleaning the impeller bushing, bushing o-ring and bushing housing. Also fixing the issue is a modified bushing that Hydor will be issuing out for free to all Koralia Evolution pump owners. Below is the official announcement from Hydor, as well as some of their contact information.


Hydor has discovered a slight modification is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of some Koralia Evo Pumps.

The issue is that some pumps can run backwards over time when used with certain timers and wavemaker devices.

The problem can usually be corrected by a simple cleaning of the impeller bushing, bushing o-ring and bushing housing with any safe solvent such as rubbing alcohol.

Hydor has a modified bushing and bushing housing available to the consumer at no charge.

Please contact Hydor USA at any time for assistance at


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