DIY Skimmer from AVAST Marine Works

AVAST Marine Works DIY Protein Skimmer Disassembled

AVAST Marine Works DIY Protein Skimmer Disassembled

AVAST Marine Works is now offering a very budget-friendly Do-It-Yourself cone skimmer kit for those who want to build a protein skimmer, but don’t have the equipment to fabricate it from scratch. All of the pieces are CNC machined and fit together very easily. Assembly will take a couple of hours and the kit allows for all sorts of modifications. A hobbyist can make the skimmer external or internal, add whatever pump he or she chooses, and even put the pump under the skimmer to minimize its footprint. To add to the skimmer’s functionality, AVAST Marine Works has made the Swabbie motorized neck cleaner and Sicce PSK2500 pinwheel pump available as accessories. The Swabbie, which normally retails for $135, will only cost you $100 if bought with the DIY protein skimmer kit. The DIY skimmer kit alone is $160. Add the Swabbie and the Sicce pump to the package and you have a great protein skimmer with an automatic neck cleaner for only $325. AVAST Marine Works is, understandably, limiting this package to two per person. Continue reading below for more information on this skimmer, including a description from AVAST Marine Works.

AVAST Marine Works DIY Protein Skimmer

AVAST Marine Works DIY Protein Skimmer


This cone protein skimmer kit is a great way to learn basic acrylic building skills and get a fantastically efficient skimmer at a very affordable price! The kit includes all the parts need to build the skimmer pictured. CNC machined parts fit together with ease and a detailed assembly manual is provided. This project can be put together in about two hours’ time, and afterwards, you will have a skimmer with efficiency on par with models costing 4-8x as much. Add in an optional Swabbie, our automatic neck cleaner, and watch the performance top even the highest end brands out there!

For the advanced builder, this skimmer kit will allow you many additional opportunities to tinker and get even better performance than with the pictured model. For example, you could drill a second hole in the cone body, and plumb the pump into a closed loop, giving you a recirculating, external design for a few bucks worth of fittings. Or, if sump footprint is a problem, you could switch the pump so it sits underneath the body, pumping straight up into the diffusing chamber. Since the base kit is priced without a pump, you can easily experiment with a different one you may already have. There are so many possibilities!

Super special intro pricing: $160 Skimmer Kit + $65 Sicce PSK2500 pinwheel pump + $100 Swabbie. $325 for a complete DIY cone skimmer with automatic cleaner! Limit 2/person, no other coupons/discounts apply on this offer. Only 24 available on this first run. This kit is currently a preorder, orders will ship August 20th 2010

Technical Details:
Tank Rating: 150-250 gallons
Footprint with Sicce pump: 11″x14″
Height: 20″, with Swabbie 22″
Diameter at Base 7.5″
Neck diameter: 4″
Collection Cup Diameter: 6″
Collection Cup Drain: Standard
Air Silencer: Standard
Automatic Air Shutoff: Standard
Sicce PSK2500 performance (avg): 800-900 lph @ 23w
For in sump use: 6″-12″ depth
Optional Pump Warranty: 1 year.


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