Ecoxotic Stunner Strips Get Aluminum Reflector

Polished Aluminum Reflector for Stunner Strip

Polished Aluminum Reflector for Stunner Strip

We really enjoyed the Ecoxotic Stunner Strips that were sent to use for a product review a while back, and it seems Ecoxotic is giving them a little boost. The Stunner Strips are getting their very own reflectors, allowing the light output of each strip to be significantly increased. The polished aluminum reflectors snap onto the strip an,  according to Ecoxitic, they double the amount of light entering your aquarium. Reflectors can make or break any lighting system, so we are definitely glad to see the Ecoxotic Stunner Strips getting this accessory. The reflectors will focus light into the desired area and prevent stray from being wasted on the nearby environment, making each strip so much more effective. Each reflector, sold separately from the Stunner Strips, will retail for $6.95, making them very affordable to anyone looking to use these lights over their aquarium.

Below is a promotional video from Ecoxotic, including a little footage of a couple of other Stunner Strip accessories that we will be introducing shortly.


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