Melev’s Reef Tank…It’s Leaking

Melev's 280 gallon Reef Tank

Melev's 280 gallon Reef Tank

There comes a time in many aquarists’ adventures when disaster strikes. Well, sometimes it’s disaster, other times it is more of a headache. Regardless, none of us are immune. The spectacular reef tank of Marc Levenson, aka melev, has sprung a leak. It’s not a major leak, in fact, it is very tiny. But these tiny inconveniences eventually lead to disaster. If the leak had gone unnoticed, perhaps one day Marc would show up at his house and find the floor covered in saltwater and dead (or dying) fish, corals, and invertebrates. Being the DIY-guru that he is, Marc immediately set out to make a temporary patch for the leak. Using silicone and a box to keep water out of the leaking seam, he repaired the tank and crossed his fingers. The tank began to leak again, and with the seam growing worse by the day (bubbles developing further down the silicone of the tank), Marc decided to completely tear down his aquarium and rebuild. A local aquarium manufacturer is apparently going to help with the process of re-siliconing the tank. Until then, the livestock will take up temporary residence in 100-gallon Rubbermaid containers and whatever else Marc can get his hands on. To see how this story plays out, visit Marc website Reef Addicts.


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