Tailless Ocellaris Clownfish


Some oddities of the sea, like the Picasso clownfish and Lightning Maroon clownfish turn out to be stunning. Others seem to be completely pointless, much like the pair of clownfish in the above video. These tailless Ocellaris clownfish seem almost normal, except they are lacking a tail. Each fish in the above pair has a caudal fin (the fin typically located at the end of the tail), but the structure leading to this fin is almost completely gone. In it’s place is a nub.


Apparently, the origination of these fish is somewhat of a mystery. The YouTube user who uploaded this video claims the fish to a natural, wild-caught clownfish. Others, say otherwise, indicating that these weird clownfish are in fact normal clownfish that had their tails surgically removed. Regardless of how these fish came about, they seem very pointless. Special thanks to AquaNerd commenter “Narwhal” for pointing out that these fish aren’t natural, but are commonly cut on to drive up their prices. We’ll dig a little deeper and find out who is cutting these fish and for what point (if not commercial).


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