Tip of the Day – 7/23/2010


Barebottom aquariums, or aquariums without a sandy substrate, lack a major source of nitrifying bacteria. Sure, the live rock will serve as a bacteria-rich substrate, but sand has a much high surface area. To deal with the lack of substrate, you can have a remote sand bed or fill your refugium with sand. Or, if you completely want to rid yourself of sand, try some of the commercially availalbe media like Biopellets or something similar.


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  • warren

    What about a few mesh bags of the eheim ehfipro substrate in your sump? Isn't that going to provide a lot more nitrifying bacterial surface without risk of anaerobic zones? Or do marine aquaria live-sand beds, which are full of life, never develop anaerobic zones?

    • yeah, the eheim substrate would work.

      in the world of sand beds, there are anaerobic areas. some hobbyists use deep sand beds in order to achieve large areas where there is no oxygen present. these anaerobic zones are good for processing nitrate into nitrogen gas, among other things.