Video of the 25-Gallon Ecoxotic LED Aquarium System


Above is a video of the Ecoxotic 25-gallon LED Aquarium System that we discussed earlier today. This 18″ true cube all-in-one aquarium features a discrete filtration system that includes its very own protein skimmer and even automatic top-off jugs. The top-off jugs basically function with atmospheric pressure. The jug, with a hole in the lid, is inverted and placed above the return section of the sump. When the water level drops, the water in the jug spills into the chamber until the water level has reached its maximum level or the jug empties. This device uses absolutely zero energy and is extremely simple and efficient.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more product updates from Ecoxotic via the staff at the AquaNerd Blog. We will be discussing all of the new products and accessories that Ecoxotic is rolling out in the very near future, including the Ecoxotic LED Photon Cannon and the Panorama Retro 36 LED fixture.


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