AccliMate by Reef Gently, Info and Video

Reef Gently AccliMate

Reef Gently AccliMate

Acclimating fish, corals, and invertebrates is something that should be done every single time you add livestock to an aquarium (or preferably a quarantine tank). Acclimation is a simple process that a lot of people fail to do, or do incorrectly. To make acclimation as trouble-free as possible, Reef Gently has created the AccliMate. Simply place the livestock into the AccliMate, attach the acclimation assistant to the inside (or outside) of your aquarium, hook up the tubing and valves, set the siphon, and go relax.

If you don’t have any new livestock to acclimate to your system, you can still use the AccliMate to trap and transport fish. The design of the AccliMate also allows its users to isolate troublesome or injured fish. If you’re still doubtful about this device, also understand that you can completely take the plastic bags and nets out of the equation. Plastic bags gather up and don’t readily decompose. You can reuse a plastic bag a few times, but they develop holes and tears after even one use. Nets can be downright harmful to our fish. Fins and gills can get caught in nets and severe injury and stress can occur. The AccliMate solves all of these problems.

See the video of the acclimation demonstration as well as some additional product information.

I’m not a fan of suction cups, and I would honestly be leery of hanging the AccliMate on the outside of my aquarium. I would feel much more comfortable if the AccliMate came with a plastic hanging bracket that couldn’t fail like the suction cups eventually would.

Trap! Transport! Acclimate! Isolate!

  • Take it to the fish store and use it to carry your purchase home. No more plastic bags!
  • Hang it on the outside of your tank to make acclimation easy. No more salad bowls and buckets!
  • Lift the inner box to strain the water. No more cross contamination!
  • Release your new addition into the aquarium with the inner box. No more nets for spines to get stuck in!
  • Trap fish easily and quickly to remove them from your aquarium. No more cutting up soda bottles for homemade traps!

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