Frustrating Picture Taking at the LFS


Today was one of those days. I was at the pet store trying to take some pictures and nothing seemed to be going right. The store was packed full of people, I left my tripod at home, and I couldn’t get any clear shots. The light levels in the tanks were very low, causing my shutter to stay open longer when shooting in “Aperture Priority” mode. I had more success in “Manual” mode, as I could set the shutter speed to be faster, but a whole other set of issues came about in this mode. After spending about an hour at the store and seeing tons of gorgeous livestock I simply couldn’t photograph well, I gave up and left. There were way too many people in the store to comfortably take pictures and the heat was causing my face to sweat all over the camera.

The moral to the story is two-fold. First, don’t go to a popular fish store in a busy part of town on a Saturday afternoon, expecting to get anything constructive done (photography-wise of course). Secondly, bring all of your equipment! I forgot my trusty tripod and my pictures suffered horribly because of it. I had a very hard time keeping the camera steady as people were bumping into me and store employees were busy gathering livestock that people wanted to purchase.


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