Sanjay’s 500-Gallon Reef Tank on Video


Here’s a video of the gorgeous SPS dominated reef tank from Sanjay Joshi.The tank is full of a healthy mix of hard corals and fish, including a male/female Bellus angel pair. I didn’t see the infamous Black Photon clowns, which are actually the hybrid offspring of an Onyx Percula clown and Black and White Ocellaris.

Sanjay is known on just about every aquarium forum as a lighting expert. He has a Ph.D. in engineering and is an avid reef aquarist (obviously). He has taken his education and expertise, and has coupled those with his hobby making him an invaluable source of information. Dr. Joshi has performed hundreds and hundreds of tests with various aquarium lighting equipment. He’s tested metal halides, LEDs, and various other methods of aquarium illumination. To read some of his reviews and articles, please visit Manhattan Reefs – Lighting. Over his personal tank, Sanjay uses three 400-watt Ushio 14000K halides in Sunlight Supply Lumen Max III reflectors, just in case you were wondering.


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