Shark Finning Video from Blue Sphere Media


Warning: The following video contains footage of dead sharks and various shark finning practices. The video may be disturbing to some.

Most video footage of shark finning is taken at the surface. We’ve all seen the huge boat with its crew dragging in both alive and dead sharks, cutting off their fins, and dumping the still alive shark back into the ocean. But this video is different than those. It shows the aftermath instead of the action. Dead sharks can be seen littering the ocean floor, laying near corals and in between rocks. In all honesty, this video choked me up a bit. I can’t stand the site of animals being abused. I understand the fact that humans eat a lot of animals, but killing a shark for only its fins is atrocious. What will it take to stop this terrible act?

I lieu of the approaching Shark Week (officially starts this evening at 9pm), I’ve gone on a hunt for anything shark related. In my search, I came across a great shark conservation-based blog called The Dorsal Fin. The Dorsal Fin is a treasure trove of shark information and we’ll will certainly be following this great resource. The video above, originally created by Blue Sphere Media and loaded on Vimeo, was found on The Dorsal Fin.


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