The New ORA Acropora Solitaryensis

ORA Acropora Solitaryensis

ORA Acropora Solitaryensis

Just in time for MACNA, ORA has announced that they will be releasing a brand new coral…the ORA Acropora solitaryensis. This coral has apparently taken several years to develop before ORA was ready to take it public. A. solitaryensis is a notoriously slow grower, but it more than makes up for that with its beauty. A personal favorite, this coral grows in table form, often creating several layers. It’s certainly a move away from the typical branching Acros.

The coral above may not appear very striking to some, but keep in mind that the picture was taken under natural sunlight. Under appropriate lighting, this coral will develop a greenish tan base, with purple tipped branches and green polyps.

Here’s the official news release from ORA:

This month ORA is proud to introduce the ORA Solitaryensis. The base color is a greenish tan and branch tips are light purple with striking green polyps. Branches grow horizontally and fuse together forming a solid plate in the center of the colony with new growth remaining separated. As the colony ages, it grows into multiple layers of horizontal plates. This Acropora is extremely slow growing and after many years of working with it we are happy to be releasing this splendid coral to the public. Frags are approximately 1” and well encrusted on plastic plug.


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